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Hatred Behind Star Wars EA Battlefront II

The hatred hype surrounding EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II launch was intense. And rightfully so. Because of the outspoken opinions of gamers, EA and Dice backed down from the pay-to-win loot crates and stuck to Star Cards instead.


But why is there still so much hate? And why is Battlefront II in the process of dying a slow death?

The Slow Fall Of Battlefront II

EA Star Wars Battlefront II Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett
Image via EA, Dice, and Lucasfilm Battlefront II

Initially, there were bugs upon launch. There always is. But for some reason, EA took forever to patch up their mistakes, creating a very negative vibe in the Star Wars Battlefront II community.

The bugs were minor things like Star Cards not working and a sound glitch which forced the player to restart the game in order to get the sound back. Simple, yet extremely frustrating when ignored.

There’s also the issue of multiplayer modes which require a minimum number of players. Normally if a game is healthy, there are always players to be found. But this hasn’t been the case with Battlefront II. Take Ewok Hunt for example. It’s a fun and brilliantly designed mini-game which never has enough players for gameplay. Log in and a player is likely to see “waiting on X number of players” for 15-30 minutes (if not longer).

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Lastly, new players joining the game late quickly realized how outmatched they were in multiplayer modes, also creating a negative environment. The grind towards leveling up is brutal, especially when a player’s characters are too weak to earn battle points.

Battlefront II is full of positive things like the beautifully created large-scale maps with an intense attention to detail in modes like Starfighter Assault (taking multiplayer spaceship battles to a whole new level). Recently, General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi became two available heroes and according to EA’s rollout plan for Battlefront II, there’s more on the way — including a bunch of Clone Wars content to coincide with the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+ in 2019.

Sadly, however, these positive notes often get drowned out in the negativity surrounding Battlefront II.

Between the Star Wars boycotter groups on social media and gamers who refused to wait for EA to get their “bleep” together, the pool of worldwide players has become drastically small.

Can Battlefront II Be Saved?

Darth Maul EA Star Wars Battlefront II
Image via EA, Dice, and Lucasfilm Battlefront II

Anything is possible, but considering EA’s standard approach to resolving issues is to ignore gamers and do as they please, the likely answer is no. And yet, there are a few of us left who are holding on to an unseen last hope — those of us who enjoy playing modes other than Galactic Assault.

The patches and upgrades EA’s applying to Battlefront II are nice (skins and new heroes), but they aren’t necessarily what the game needs. Maybe if EA adjusted the player count for the smaller modes and figured out a way to reduce camping in Starfighter Assault, gamers might return. An adjustment of the Star Cards would be nice too, giving new players a decent chance of being able to compete, instead of always being taken out with one-shot while delivering 10-headshots (only slightly exaggerated) to take out their opponent.

If EA was serious about saving Star Wars Battlefront II, the rollout plan would have the real issues singled out, along with promises of satisfactory resolution. Instead, there’s just lots of talk about skins, new characters, and a Geonosis map.

Smh — and EA wonders why other studios are surpassing them in sales and content.