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Apex Legends: Every Legend Ranked Worst to Best

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is quickly becoming one of the most popular competitive games on the planet. This battle royale title from the makers of Titanfall is fast, creative, and simply fun.

It can also be a bit confusing. The game’s Legends system means that every character possesses certain special abilities. At first, it’s hard to tell which character is right for you.

However, a little time with the game reveals the truth of the matter. While every Legend is “viable,” some are just better than others. Here is how every Legend in the game currently ranks.

8. Mirage

Apex Legends Mirage

Mirage’s biggest problem is that his entire skillset is way too gimmicky.

His ability to create mirages can be a somewhat useful distraction, but most players will be able to sniff it out quickly. Meanwhile, his passive ability (which deploys a decoy and cloaks you when you’re knocked down) is almost useless, and his “decoy army” ultimate isn’t nearly as handy as it should be.

Most of this game’s Legends have their uses, but Mirage stands as the least useful overall.

7. Caustic

Caustic Apex Legends

Caustic’s poison-themed abilities are thematically interesting but practically limited.

His gas traps are really only useful in very close combat, and his ability to see through his own poisonous gas is literally useless unless those traps (or his ultimate) is deployed. It doesn’t help that his ultimate is often just a worse version of another character’s ultimate.

Caustic has potential, but at present, he’s rarely the best option available.

6. Lifeline

Lifeline Apex Legends

Lifeline is pretty much the definition of average, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Her healing drone is a little too limited to be truly powerful, but her ability to heal faster and protect her revival attempts are always welcome. Her Care Package ultimate may be slow and a bit random, but there’s never really a situation where it’s anything less than good.

Lifeline can be an effective part of any squad.

5. Bloodhound

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Bloodhound stands as arguably the game’s most interesting Legend from a design standpoint.

His ability to track enemies is one of those things that some players can do naturally, but it’s very useful in the right circumstances. The same goes for his tactical and ultimate abilities which allow you to scan an area for items and enemies. It’s a great way to acquire and relay information.

Bloodhound’s usefulness declines as a match goes on, but he certainly has a role.

4. Bangalore

Bangalore Apex Legends

Bangalore isn’t that exciting, but that doesn’t mean she’s not useful.

First off, Bangalore’s smoke grenades are way more effective than you probably think they are. They help set-up and avoid ambushes, and they recharge fairly fast. Meanwhile, her ability to run faster while taking fire is always welcome.

Granted, her ultimate can be a bit hit or miss, but she’s just a solid overall character.

3. Pathfinder

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Along with being one of the most amusing heroes in the game, Pathfinder is one of the most versatile.

His grappling hook is perfect for setting up ambushes, his passive ability to identify where the circle is going to break is more useful than you think, and his grappling gun is an absurdly useful way to help your team cover large areas and access new locations.

You’ve got to know what you’re doing with Pathfinder, but he’s got a lot going for him.

2. Gibraltar

Gibraltar Apex Legends

Gibraltar is so good at what he does that there’s an argument he might need to be reworked slightly.

First off, Gibraltar’s ability to create a domed shield is useful in every fight in the game. Second, his passive ability to shield himself while firing is genuinely helpful. Third, his bombardment ultimate is not only good, but it’s arguably a stricter better version of Bangalore’s.

Gibraltar can easily be the powerhouse of any team.

1. Wraith 

Wraith Apex Legends

Wraith is perhaps the most complicated character to learn, but she’s worth the effort.

Her passive ability to “hear voices” only makes it that much easier to know when someone is approaching you. Her void run tactical ability will save your life time and again while confusing enemies. Oh, and her teleportation ultimate is possibly the best overall ultimate in the game.

Wraith is a unique character with a lot to offer.

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