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Some Snipers Have No Glint Thanks to Warzone’s Newest Game-Breaking Bug

Since its inception, Warzone has been plagued with many horrible glitches and game-breaking issues. While Warzone is undoubtedly a great game — arguably the best battle royale out there right now — these issues continue to persist, holding the Call of Duty game back from reaching its full potential. The latest glitch to come to the game may very well be the worst one yet, giving certain players an incredibly lop-sided advantage over all others.

Thanks to a bug in the latest 1.34 update to Warzone, some sniper scopes are not showing any glint. More specifically, any and all snipers affixed with a variable zoom scope have been made essentially undetectable at long distances.

YouTuber’s such as JGOD are putting together guides on how to take advantage of the glitch, showing players the best sniper rifles to add to their loadouts.

While the glint has gone a long way to balance out long-range players’ advantages, that balancing is now over, as long as this glitch lasts, that is. For now, players taking advantage of the glitch essentially dominate every round. With rifles such as the Kar98k and HDR already dominating matches as is, this added advantage comes at great cost to player balance in Warzone.

This is only the latest example in a long line of glitches that have hampered the battle royale. Another new glitch discovered roughly two weeks ago, as explained by Dexerto, happens whenever players use the Bullseye reticle from Black Ops Cold War in their loadout.

If the reticle is attached to one of the player’s loadout weapons, the match’s frame rate plummets, making the game completely unplayable.

Another infamous game-breaking bug, the infamous infinite stim glitch, allows players to survive in the gas in perpetuity with infinitely spawning stims to keep them alive. Activision thought they had fixed the glitch for good back in February, the glitch has been reportedly showing up again as of late March, according to Screenrant.

Players don’t always need to take advantage of glitches to cheat the game, however. In recent months, in particular, hacking has become a major issue for Warzone. Hackers have been known to use wall glitches (seeing through walls), aim-botting, and a number of other game-breaking cheats.

As the game rapidly approaches a massive shakeup in the form of an all-new map, it would behoove Activision to get all of their ducks in a row by fixing many of these core issues to the game. If Warzone has any hope of remaining the number one battle royale for years to come, as is the plan, the game developers are going to have to remedy these mistakes.

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