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Valve Greenlights Six More Games


Continuing Valve’s recent push towards more frequent, smaller waves of games to make the Greenlight process faster, six new titles have been Greenlit. This time around we have Bleed, Game Dev Tycoon, The Legend, Legends of Eisenwald, RIOT, and Stardew Valley.

The games that immediately stand out to me are Bleed, Game Dev Tycoon, and RIOT. Game Dev Tycoon is perhaps best known for its ironic and novel approach to combating piracy. I own the 360 version of Bleed and it is a fun, if somewhat standard, action-platformer for a cheap price. Yes, the “16-bit indie retro platformer-thing” genre is really oversaturated at the moment, but if you have $5 to spare and want a challenging action game with old school charm and a few memorable moments then you may want to give Bleed a try.

RIOT was generating a lot of hype a while back, even finishing with a 241% funded Indiegogo campaign a few months back. It tackles some provocative subjects that don’t really get explored in video games, and the developers have a relevant message they want to express with this game. In fact, the devs are so devoted to this topic that they are apparently planning to travel around Europe and the Middle East to experience and document real, ongoing riots and civil unrest.

With this recent wave of releases, the total number of games that have been Greenlit is sitting at 93. So far, 33 of those games have made it onto Steam, either as a full release or part of the new Early Access program.