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E3 2019: Five Announcements That Microsoft Must Make

Xbox One S E3 2019

With E3 coming up, it’s time to start looking at what some of the biggest companies in the world will announce. While not every major console company will be present at E3 2019, you can certainly expect all of them to have major announcements ready around the time of the show.

Microsoft is the only console manufacturer that will host a formal press conference at E3 2019. Regardless of the competition, they’re expected to try to steal the show with a variety of announcements that should paint a pretty clear picture of what Microsoft has in store for Xbox and more.

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Project xCloud

We know that Project xCloud is Microsoft’s upcoming cloud streaming service. We know that it’s something Microsoft has put a lot of faith and resources in. The only thing we don’t know is what, exactly, Project xCloud is.

We highly doubt that Microsoft will go another year without fully revealing Project xCloud. In fact, we’d be shocked if it’s not the focus of their E3 presentation alongside another major announcement which might actually take a backseat to the reveal of how Microsoft will break into the cloud gaming market.

Halo Infinite: What is It?

The Halo Infinite trailer from E3 2018 got everyone buzzing. Of course, much of that buzz was due to the fact that Microsoft really didn’t tell us what the game actually is. Since then, they’ve only teased the game’s true nature.

It seems likely that the Xbox team will properly reveal Halo Infinite at E3 2019. While we suspect that it will actually be the company’s first (and biggest) next-gen reveal, there’s a possibility that this game actually comes out in time for the current generation of Xbox devices. Either way, it’s time to part the curtain on this game.

The Next Xbox

It wasn’t long ago that the reveal of the next Xbox felt like the biggest thing that Microsoft could possibly reveal. Now, it seems that Microsoft’s long-term interests in gaming extend beyond the borders of a physical Xbox console.

Regardless, we do believe there will be a new Xbox. Some people believe that Microsoft and Sony won’t reveal their new consoles until next year, but it really does feel like we’re entering the final days of this console generation. We expect Microsoft to at least give their next console (or consoles) a name at this year’s show.

Game Pass on PC

With Microsoft devoting more and more resources to Game Pass and other services, it seems almost insane that they haven’t brought Game Pass to PC yet. They’ve talked about it during investor’s calls, but they’ve yet to really commit to an announcement.

Now feels like the time to commit to that announcement. There are some questions concerning how Game Pass on PC would work, but the time is now for Microsoft to bridge one of the largest remaining gaps between PC and Xbox by giving PC gamers access to one of the Xbox’s best features.

What’s Next From Obsidian and Ninja Theory

Microsoft shocked the world by announcing that they had acquired Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and some other notable studios. However, we’ve yet to really hear what exclusives this partnership will result in.

We imagine that we’re going to hear about that before too long. While it might be a little too early to hear about Obsidian’s next exclusive considering that they’re still promoting The Outer Worlds. Ninja Theory, though, should be just about ready to showcase their next major project.

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