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E3 2019: Five Announcements Nintendo Must Make

Nintendo E3 2019 announcements

With E3 coming up, it’s time to start looking at what some of the biggest companies in the world will announce. While not every major console company will be present at E3 2019, you can certainly expect all of them to have major announcements ready around the time of the show.

We’ll start by seeing what Nintendo likely has in store. Nintendo is in a pretty good place at the moment, but there are those who wonder whether or not they’ve got enough big games on the horizon to hang with the competition. With that in mind, let’s look at the announcements that Nintendo must make at E3 2019.

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Animal Crossing Switch Coming in 2019

We know that a new Animal Crossing game is coming. After years of waiting, it sounds like we’re finally going to get another console Animal Crossing game. Now, we just need Nintendo to confirm we’re going to get it soon.

The (understandable) delay of Metroid Prime 4 has left Nintendo’s 2019 Switch lineup looking a bit thin. If they confirm that Animal Crossing will be released in 2019 alongside the new mainline Pokemon game, then the Switch is suddenly looking much stronger this year than it was previously.

More Retro Games For Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is actually a pretty good deal. For $20 a year, users are able to play Switch games online, play titles like Tetris 99, and access a variety of NES games. The problem is that Nintendo hasn’t exactly rushed at the opportunity to release more retro games via the service. Actually, they haven’t rushed to release many retro games at all.

It’s time to remedy that. Whatever value these retro games gain from remaining unavailable is not valuable to Nintendo fans. Whether it’s a new Virtual Console system or just games from more platforms released via Switch Online, Nintendo has to give their fans more options.

The New Nintendo Switch Models

It feels like a given that Nintendo is going to announce at least two new Nintendo Switch models. The latest round of leaks seemingly all but confirmed as much. In fact, it’s going to feel odd if Nintendo doesn’t confirm them at this point.

The Switch doesn’t necessarily “need” new models, but new takes on the Switch would help give those who haven’t purchased a Switch more options and would likely be treated as an excuse for Nintendo to release some major new titles.

More About the Xbox Partnership (Game Pass and Rare Partnership?)

The Nintendo/Xbox relationship is quickly and quietly becoming the most interesting story in gaming. Two companies that should be rivals appear to have found a surprising amount of common ground.

What comes next, though? We’ve heard the rumors that Game Pass will be coming to Nintendo Switch, and we certainly think that’s a realistic possibility. There’s also a chance that Microsoft could help mend the Nintendo Rare relationship in order to rescue some old games or perhaps even make some new ones.

One More Returning Franchise

Nintendo has done an admirable job of bringing some of its biggest franchises to the Switch. It’s already the home of new Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, and Kirby games, and will soon host new Animal Crossing, Metroid, and mainline Pokemon games as well. However, in the minds of many Nintendo fans, there’s no such thing as too many Nintendo franchises.

Which franchise is next, though? A new Mario Kart game is certainly a possibility, and there have been rumblings about a new Diddy Kong Racing title as well. A new Donkey Kong game might also go over well, and there are always franchises like Kid Icarus just waiting to be revisited. What’s most important, though, is that Nintendo not let any of their classic franchises remain dormant.

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