Seven, Cattails, Warbanners & More Indie Game Releases


Pictured above: Cobalt WASD

I’m back with another batch of recent indie and AA releases that may have slipped under your radar. I’m not here to personally recommend any of these games- I’m just highlighting some new releases that stood out from the crowd and haven’t received a lot of media attention. Make sure you read user reviews and search YouTube to find more information on each game.

Seven: The Days Long Gone

Fool’s Theory



First up this week is Seven, an isometric stealth sandbox RPG that you’ve probably seen some banner ads for over the past few weeks. You play as Teriel, a master thief that finds himself on a one-way trip to the infamous island prison of Peh after a daring heist goes horribly wrong. Sneak, stab, and steal your way across an open world full of suspicious characters, rival factions, and monstrous fauna. One of the main highlights of Seven is its advanced movement and parkour system, with multi-tiered, vertical environments that you’d normally find in a third-person action game. Most of the reviews I’ve seen have been generally positive, with many of the complaints focused on bugs and a camera that occasionally gets confused by the game’s elaborate level designs. You can also find Seven on GOG and the Humble Store.


Crasleen Games



Warbanners is a turn-based strategy RPG that harkens back to old hex-based war games like Fantasy General and Panzer General. Recruit and manage a company of mercenaries across a 42 mission story campaign. Hire support staff that work behind the scenes to keep your army in top shape and sow discord among the enemy. Use both mundane and magical means to manipulate the battlefield topography in your favor with trenches, barricades, bridges, and firestorms that burn enemy fortifications and forests.  

Dominions 5- Warriors of the Faith

Illwinter Game Design



Dominions 5 is the latest entry in a long-running series of ridiculously deep fantasy 4X games that place you in control of a demigod with aspirations of world conquest. Decimate you rivals and claim godhood by amassing vast armies of loyal subjects, conquering new territories, and gathering a library of powerful spells and magical enchantments. The biggest new additions to the series are customizable blessings that you can bestow upon your followers and a complete overhaul of the combat system to make battles quicker and more streamlined. Whatever you do, don’t immediately write off Dominions 5 based on its looks. The Dominions games might have some fairly hideous graphics and presentation, but if you can look past that you’ll find a very deep and highly customizable franchise.


Falcon Development



Cattails is an adorable sandbox RPG with light survival elements where you play as a feral cat. As far as I can tell, it’s essentially what you’d get if someone made a cat sim version of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. Join (or fight against) one of three colonies of cats, each with a unique cast of characters to interact with. Fight off rival clans and claim new territory for your colony. Personalize your own den, find a mate, and raise a family of kittens that you can train to help out with daily tasks like hunting. Cattails is also on the Humble Store.   

Cobalt WASD

Oxeye Game Studio



Finally we come to Cobalt WASD, a competitive 2D bomb defusal shooter. Two teams of four players take turns planting or defusing bombs over a series of rounds. Between rounds, players can spend money they earned in the previous round buying an arsenal of crazy weapons and gadgets, like stealth suits, time-slowing grenades, and teleporters. Cobalt WASD has mostly positive reviews on Steam thus far, but sadly it seems to be suffering from the usual problems many indie games have finding a player base. According to Steamcharts, the game peaked at 17 players today, and no one is currently playing, so make sure you can find a group to regularly play with before buying a copy. Cobalt WASD is also available on the Humble Store.        

Which of these games caught your attention?