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The 10 Most Underrated Games on Xbox Game Pass

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Xbox Game Pass is simply the best deal in gaming. For $9.99 a month, it grants you access to a growing library of classic and modern titles. Many have even started referring to it as the fabled “Netflix of gaming.”

Much like Netflix, though, Game Pass’ extensive library makes it easy to overlook titles. When your eyes start focusing on the latest Triple-A release, you end up missing out on so many gems hidden within the catalog.

With that in mind, we’ve dove deep into the Game Pass library in order to find some of the hidden gems that you have to play. Here are the 10 most underrated games on Xbox Game Pass:

Streets of Rage 4 (Console and PC)

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 garnered some initial attention when it was released earlier this year, but we’d argue that not many enough people gave this game the proper amount of attention.

Streets of Rage 4 is more than just a throwback to the golden age of beat-em-up games. It’s a brilliant revival of that genre that captures why they were so much fun despite their simplicity.

Astrologaster (PC)


We’ll tell you now that there’s not much “game” to Astrologaster. Most of your interactions will be limited to making on-screen choices.

Yet, this comedy adventure title set within Shakespeare’s London is truly one of the most creative titles we’ve experienced in years in terms of its writing and artistic design. You’ve got to give this one a shot if you want something different.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Console and PC)

Kingdom Come deliverance

Describing Kingdom Come: Deliverance as “janky” would be generous. Glitches aside, even its core gameplay harkens back to the days of unnecessary steps and cumbersome interface.

That jankiness is absolutely part of the appeal, though. This is a truly old-school PC RPG on a grand scale. If you feel like recent RPGs have abandoned the “role-playing” part of the deal, you might just fall in love with this game.

Ape Out (PC)

Ape Out

We could probably just describe Ape Out as “Hotline Miami with an escaped ape” and justify its place on this or any other list.

However, Ape Out is actually much more than that. It’s a testament to minimalistic design from a gameplay and visual standpoint, and its soundtrack is one of the best in recent years. This utterly addictive action title boasts great “one more try” gameplay.

Clustertruck (Console and PC)


Clustertruck casts you into the role of a truck that must hop over other trucks in order to reach a finish line. It’s…pretty weird.

What makes Clustertruck work is its absolutely brilliant course design. Fans of games like Super Monkey Ball will find a lot to love in this challenging game that tests your reflexes and course knowledge.

The Messenger (Console and PC)


Even if you think you’re tired of retro-style indie games, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find room in your heart for The Messenger.

This brilliant action game combines elements of classic 8-bit and 16-bit titles to form an experience that we guarantee is much more than meets the eye. It’s simply a must-play for fans of everything from Ninja Gaiden to Super Metroid.

Quantum Break (Console)

Quantum Break

We’d be lying if we told you that Quantum Break is Remedy’s best game. We’re not even sure if it would crack the list of the studio’s five best games.

For all of its faults, though, Quantum Break boasts some of the most unique storytelling methods in gaming history. Essentially an interactive television show in many respects, Quantum Break is thoroughly enjoyable for beginning to end even if it doesn’t land its most ambitious leaps.

Demon’s Tilt (Console and PC)

Demon's Tilt

If you’ve played one digital pinball game you’ve pretty much played 99% of ever other digital pinball game that has ever or will ever be made.

Meet a member of the 1% exception. Demon’s Tilt is a chaotic and visually creative twist on the pinball genre that combines classic pinball with bullet hell action games. It’s an utterly intense and downright brilliant experience that’s just waiting to be picked up and played.

Phoenix Point (PC)

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is far from the best X-Com like game that’s emerged in recent years since that series’ revival. It just suffers from too many bugs and half-baked concepts to rank among the best in the genre.

Still, Phoenix Point features more of the ideas that defined classic X-Com games than even the modern entries into that franchise. This is a grand strategy experience that still lets you enjoy modern X-Com’s brilliant tactical combat.

What Remains of Edith Finch (Console)

What Remains of Edith Finch

Not long ago, What Remains of Edith Finch earned quite a bit of attention and end of the year awards. Since then, though, you never really hear anyone talk about the game.

That’s a real shame. What Remains of Edith Finch challenges popular notions of video game storytelling and level design. It’s an entirely ambitious and thoroughly compelling adventure that we can guarantee you’ll never forget.

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