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New World Economy Shut Down After Glitch Discovered

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New-World-Shattered-ObeliskNew World gamers found a glitch in the recently-launched MMO that subsequently led Amazon Games to once again turn off its entire economy last weekend. The “glitch” allowed players to duplicate certain expensive items and sell them.

Community manager Tosch wrote: “We are aware of a possible duplication exploit that has been circulating the forums and social media. We are disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players (ie. sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, player to player trading) while we investigate. Any player that has engaged in the use of this exploit will be actioned against.”

He then followed with, “Once the duplication exploit has been investigated and we are ready to turn on wealth transfer again, we will update this post.”

Would you take advantage of a glitch in gaming software that allowed you to make some free money?