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10 Best Twisted Metal Characters We Want to See in the TV Series

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(Updated 4/18/22) Even at a time when it feels like every game is being adapted into a show or movie, the news that Twisted Metal is being turned into a TV series stands out. Why? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that one of the more ignored major franchises in PlayStation history has always felt perfect for such a format.

See, along with its own brand of car combat action, the best Twisted Metal games offer an appropriately twisted story that feels somewhere between Tales From the Crypt and Spawn. It’s the kind of “dark” entertainment with a humorous bend that you just don’t see enough of. The series also happens to feature some of the most overlooked characters in gaming.

Those characters are what we’ll focus on today as we count down the 10 best Twisted Metal characters that we can’t wait to see in the upcoming TV series.

10. Outlaw 

While the Outlaw vehicle certainly isn’t the most interesting in the early games, the lore of this vehicle (and its drivers) perfectly captures the better continuity elements of the series’ mythology.

By the time that we watch Twisted Metal 2‘s Outlaw driver join her brother in space and uses her specially rigged vehicle to slowly make their way back to Earth for revenge, you really start to appreciate just how ridiculous these games really are and how much effort goes into shaping the often equally cruel and hilarious fates of its drivers.

9. Roadkill

There’s really no such thing as a heroic protagonist in the Twisted Metal series, but Roadkill comes fairly close to filling that void.

As one of the series’ true regulars and most well-rounded drivers, Roadkill rises above his “default” status by virtue of a fantastic back story that sees him battle the very reality of the Twisted Metal universe. His discoveries call into question the very fabric of the games.

8. Shadow

Shadow became watered down in subsequent Twisted Metal games (who didn’t?) but his debut sets the standard for what this character is all about.

Essentially an agent of supernatural chaos sent to claim revenge on behalf of those who died in the original Twisted Metal game, Shadow’s “Grim Reaper” design affords him a unique place in the Twisted Metal universe that takes into account the influences of Heaven and Hell.

7. Spectre

Granted, the Spectre vehicle is best known for its mechanical abilities, but the lore of the driver is also fairly fascinating.

The best version of Spectre is arguably the runaway bride in Twisted Metal Black who enters the competition to find true love. As her dark ending suggests, though, it’s her relentless pursuit that’s more fascinating than the goal.

6. Warthog

Many versions of Warthog are actually fairly generic military dudes, but the version of the Warhog driver featured in Twisted Metal Black stands tall among the pack.

As a serial killer who feels remorse for his actions, you’d think that Twisted Metal Black‘s Warthog would enter the contest looking for redemption. Instead, he’s hoping to ask Calypso for the power to remove the part of his brain that feels remorse. It’s a twisted little detail that captures the series at its cruelest.

5. Minion

While Minions is often presented as a somewhat generic devilish “boss” character, there are aspects of the character that have long left fans looking for more.

As one of the few characters in Twisted Metal who may be more powerful than Calypso, it’s been strongly suggested that Minion may be the true evil in the Twisted Metal universe. Then again, he always seems more interested in maintaining the balance than gaining power.

4. Axel

Axel’s iconic tire arms make him an instant standout, but if you dive deep enough, you’ll find he’s one of the most sympathetic and interesting characters in the entire series.

Axel’s best story beat arguably occurs in Twisted Metal 2 when we see the character wish for the strength to confront his father and seemingly get revenge on the man who left him in this appropriately twisted form. In reality, though, Axel is one of the few characters looking for something much deeper than vengeance.

3. Mr. Grimm

Granted, Mr. Grimm’s popularity can partially be attributed to the fact he’s a skeleton riding a motorcycle, but various versions of this character over the years have benefited from surprisingly interesting lore.

Initially presented as an all-consuming force that thrives on chaos, the Mr. Grimm character was eventually shaped into a tortured soul that refused to die until he claimed vengeance. Honestly, any version of the character would play well on the big screen.

2. Sweetooth

The undisputed mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise is one of the few Twisted Metal characters that has survived the series’ dark downfall.

As the only vehicle to be driven by the same character in every game, the iconic Sweet Tooth benefits from one of the most consistent backstories in series history. Still, it’s that creepy flaming head and even more disturbing ice cream truck that elevates him above the pack.

1. Calypso

He’s not nearly as famous as Sweet Tooth, but at his best, Calypso is absolutely the most interesting character in the Twisted Metal franchise.

As the head of most Twisted Metal tournaments, Calypso is best known for granting ironic rewards to contest winners. However, as a few winners can attest to, sometimes getting what you want from Calypso is really about knowing what to ask for.

This will undoubtedly be the most desirable role in the upcoming Twisted Metal series.

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