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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Build the Perfect Snowboy

Snowfall is here and it is time to cheer! Sorry about that… As different video games pump out their holiday events, plenty get swept under the radar. If you are tired from playing the multiple FPS holiday events and need a relaxing slow paced holiday-themed activity, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is your destination. Here are the steps to create the perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Snow Coverage

Complete snow coverage is an essential step in this process. You will only have the option to create your Snowboy if your island has entered the complete snow coverage phase of the winter season. For Nothern Hemisphere players you should see complete snow coverage in mid-December. For Southern Hemisphere players then you should see complete snow coverage in mid-June. Once your island has been entirely engulfed in the snow,  it is time to look for your snowballs. You will need to scour your island until you find two small-sized snowballs in close proximity to each other.

Animal Crossing two snowballs

Rolling your Snowboy

Once you have your two snowballs in view, it is time to start rolling. There are two ways to create the perfect Snowboy. One option is to roll each snowball with one leveling at the bottom of your character’s ear while the other is leveling at the top of your character’s ear. The other option would be to use the tile method which can be done with terraforming or patterns if you do not have the Island Designer App.

Rolling a snowball in Animal CrossingSnowball level with bottom and top of ear

Tile Method

Step 1: Roll each snowball until they stop growing in size. You will feel the resistance of the snowball on the character as they roll it forward. Roll them to an open space on your island.

Step 2: Create a straight-line tile path of ten spaces with the Island Designer app, or with patterns.

Step 3: Roll one snowball to one end and the other snowball to the other end. 

10 spaces of tile for the snowman are layed out

Step 4: Roll one snowball directly onto the path and all the way to the other snowball, it will automatically be placed on top when you are close enough.

snowball being rolled on the pattern

Perfect Snowboy complete! The Snowboy will let you know if it is perfect or not. If it is perfect then you will be rewarded one large snowflake and a random DIY recipe from the frozen collection that you do not own. You can get a single large snowflake from the Snowboy every single day until it melts. It takes four days for it to completely melt away.

Perfect Snowboy complete stands tall next to the character

Complications/How to reset

Complications can occur during this process! A snowball can break if rolled off of a cliff or into an object. If this were to happen, you have to go in and out of a building to reset the snowball spawn. Make sure to be a good distance from the remaining snowball as any building too close to the snowball will not trigger the snowball spawn reset. You can also save and exit the game to trigger a reset of the snowball. If the Snowboy is created and ends up not being perfect, you must exit the game without saving it in order to reset the snowballs for the day.

Thank you for joining us during the winter festivities of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  Now, throw on those snow boots and get rolling, you have Snowboys to make!

Showing off a large snowflake

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