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E3 2019: Five Announcements Sony Must Make

PlayStation E3 2019

With E3 coming up, it’s time to start looking at what some of the biggest companies in the world will announce. While not every major console company will be present at E3 2019, you can certainly expect all of them to have major announcements ready around the time of the show.

Sony has stated that they intend to skip E3 this year, but most people believe they are going to find some way to make major announcements around the time of the show (much like Nintendo does). What will those announcements be, though? We’ve got a few ideas about what Sony has in store.

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The PlayStation 5

Sony could easily let the PlayStation 4 ride for another year or so. It’s the best-selling console in the world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. However, you have to believe that Sony is getting ready for the next generation.

Much like Microsoft, we’re going to guess that Sony just teases the next PlayStation near E3 2019 and saves the full reveal for next year. However, it seems likely that they will at least name the console and share some of the plans they have for it in order to keep up with the competition.

The Last of Us Part II Release Date

It seems absurd that we still don’t know when The Last of Us Part II is going to be released. First revealed in 2016, Sony has showcased The Last of Us Part II at pretty much every major show since then. Yet, we somehow still don’t know when it will be released.

At this point, we’re becoming concerned about why that is the case. While we fully expect Sony to confirm that The Last of Us Part II will be released this year, we do worry that the game will either come out next year or that it yet again won’t have a confirmed release date.

One More Major PS4 Exclusive

The PS4 isn’t exactly out of major new games, but the console is running on what seem to be its final fumes. As Sony seems to be preparing for the release of the PS5, it makes sense that they’re not committing to too many new PS4 games.

Still, it does feel like the PS4 could use one more major exclusive. We wouldn’t expect that exclusive to be a “system seller,” but we’d be surprised if Sony doesn’t reveal one more notable exclusive as a reward to PS4 owners.

Improvements to PlayStation Now

We’ve discussed this before, but PlayStation Now is in somewhat rough shape. It doesn’t offer a wide enough range of content, it’s a bit too expensive, and the technology that powers it still feels a bit raw.

Our gut feeling is that PlayStation Now gets either a makeover or significant new updates in the very near future. At the very least, we expect Sony to confirm that more new titles will be available via the service in order to keep pace with what Microsoft and Google are doing with their own services.

Backward Compatibility

Alongside cross-play, backward compatibility is quickly becoming the elephant in the PlayStation room. Sony has stated many times that the architecture of the PS4 made it difficult for them to utilize a simple backward compatibility system. It was a reasonable explanation that was hindered somewhat by the fact that Sony has made little effort to introduce other backward compatibility options.

The feeling is that Sony will address that problem with the PS5. Whether they choose to add additional older titles to PlayStation Now or simply make the PS5 straight-up backward compatible, you have to believe that they’re not going another generation without actually addressing this problem.

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