Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen Announced

Chris Roberts has announced Star Citizen, a PC space sim. In a nutshell, it’s a modern version of Wing Commander/Privateer with multiplayer. If that interests you at all, go check it out.

They’re doing the crowd-funding thing that’s popular in game development now. They aren’t using Kickstarter for some reason; they say why on the site, but it’s currently down. A backup site is up, but doesn’t have that information. They’re asking for more than normal; $30/$40 gets you a copy of the game. More expensive tiers offer fancy, presumably unique, ships and physical goodies.

Their post release plan is to release content on a two week basis. It will have to be relatively small pieces of content, given how aggressively they want to push them out. A star system per update, if the video is anything to go by. On the topic of star systems, the first person to find a new jump jump point and navigate it gets it named after them. Hopefully they get to name it, otherwise we’ll end up with a bunch of jump points named things like xXx_n1Nj4a55Ass!n_xXx and bob32151.