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Fuse Characters

Now that Insomniac Games has released a few new things including a trailer for their new game. We now have the ability to take a look at each of the characters you will be playing in this new action packed FPS.

First on the roster is Dalton Brooks who is an ex Raven agent. How this will affect the storyline is a big question considering Raven is the cooperation that you are trying the get the alien technology back from. For his weapon he carries a Magshield. This weapon combines Fuse and Ferrofluid to create an almost impenetrable shield that can help advance the squad. The rest of the members of the team can fire through it as well to allow even faster advancement.

Next would be Naya Deveraux. A lifelong thief, and over all lethal woman. She not only has her assassin like skills to help take out a few enemies quietly, but also carries around the warp rifle for when things get a little nasty. The warp rifle combines Fuse with Antimatter which if fired off multiple times into an enemy will trigger a singularity. The singularity will then rip the enemy apart. But that is not all, If you are able to tag  few enemies with this weapon and set off one singularity It will cause a chain reaction and start a few other singularities as well ripping not just one enemy into pieces but instead all of them.

Thirdly is the youngest of the group Isabelle Sinclair. Isabelle is a young yet gifted scientist that carries the Shattergun. This weapon is a combination of Fuse and Melanite. The effects of the weapon include a deadly blast that will lift your enemies with crystallization rendering them vulnerable to all of your allies. The weapon comes with an alternative mode that fires a healing grenade to aid your teammates when they are becoming low on health.

Lastly in the lineup is Jacob Kimble. He is a former LAPD detective and carries a weapon that is very similar in look to the crossbow from the game F.E.A.R.  it is called the Arc Shot. This Weapon Combine the power of Fuse and Liquid Mercury to fire Mercury Blasts at enemies essentially melting them away.

Not only will the characters have their standard Xanotech weapons but they will also be able to pick up standard weaponry (i.e. rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and many more) as their secondary weapons. As for their main weapons that each character has, they will be able to upgrade them with a skill tree from experience they gain throughout the game. If you don’t have friends to play the other characters don’t fret either. The game has a Leap system that will allow you to switch characters to allow a better experience. And to make the game even more enticing each weapon has its own Fusion mode that will charge up while playing and allow you to unleash the weapons maximum potential on your victims.


Fuse will be Released sometime in March 2013.