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Nintendo sued over 3d patent


Former Sony employee and inventor Sejiro Tomita is suing Nintendo of America and Nintendo Company (Nintendo Japan) over what he calls a patent violation. Tomita owns a patent for a 3D technology using something called cross-point which allows 3D images to be displayed without the use of glasses. He had a meeting with Nintendo back in 2003 when they were looking for partners for their then in the works 3DS. However Nintendo had a meeting with a company known as Sharp Corp in 2002 who would go on to become Nintendo’s partners for the 3DS.

Nintendo faces lawsuits all of the time and like many before them, this lawsuit does not seem like it will go anywhere. The technology used in the 3DS is that of Sharp Corp whose 3D display works differently than Tomita’s cross-point display even though both work without 3D glasses. What does everyone else think of this lawsuit?


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