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The Strategy Behind Enhanced Anima Gate of Memories Development

Anima Project Studios is seeking support for their developing game Anima Gate of Memories by creating a new Kickstarter campaign. Developer Carlos B. Garcia spoke about why the studio has released another Kickstarter and how the studio has adapted to video game development.

Backers to the original Anima Gate of Memories campaign might have been surprised to learn that the studio released another Kickstarter. The campaign description on this new Kickstarter explains, “In our previous one (Kickstarter campaign) we obtained all we could need to create the game, but the reason why we decided to start this new one is not because we are unable to complete it; our true goal is simply to make Gate of Memories even better.”

The Beyond Fantasy universe of Anima Project Studios plays host to more than this developing video game as the company is mostly known for its card game, miniatures, and role play game (RPG) books all set within the same world. Garcia detailed some of the roots of Gate of Memories in relation to the already developed universe of the other projects, “Gate of Memories was born, from the very beginning, as the videogame story of Gate of Memories, says Garcia, “For years, characters from this story have made smalls appearances in the RPG books and miniatures, giving just small clues of their true importance in the world story.”

Being largely recognized for the quality of creation and attention to detail within their various table top gaming projects it was important to Anima Project Studios to bring that same caliber of art to their video game world. Garcia went on to explain the process as one of the more challenging aspects of development, “It was hellish. Being able to create those characters and make them as appealing as their original design was truly difficult,” Garcia recounts, “After all, we are a very small team of three people and to make them look ‘As it should be in Anima,’ was only possible with countless work hours.”

With a new Kickstarter campaign in place as well as an unyielding standard of artistic perfection, Garcia has a lofty goal ahead in his new and improved version of Gate of Memories.

It appears that Garcia and company are up to the challenge.

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