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Rocket League: The Nike FC Cup Keeps on Kicking

Football and video game fanatics rejoice! We are in the midst of not one but two fantastic events! The World Cup and Rocket Leagues Nike FC Cup.

As the World Cup is nearing the end of its group stages and approaches the Round of 16, Rocket League has taken the opportunity to release the second round of their Nike FC Cup.

The Nike FC Cup kicked off on November 17th and will run all the way to December 14th. During this time, players can complete in-game challenges, purchase event-inspired items from the shop, participate in an international competition, and play in a new limited-time game mode. These opportunities will open and close at different times but do not fret, there is still plenty of time to join in on the fun.


In-game challenges available – November 17th to December 6th

Challenge List for FC CUP

How to Obtain a Country Banner: Complete the first challenge (top left) and look for the  Country Banners in your profile setting!

Each Challenge will unlock different decals! Make Sure to get yours before they are gone!


Round one of the purchasable items in the shop – November 17th to December 6th.

Nike FC CUP Shop ItemsNike FC Cup Items 2


International competition, the Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup – November 17th to November 30th.

Rocket League Fanclash event banner
(Image Credit:

This part of the event is currently over! Finland came in first! Want to know the other countries did? Click here


Round two of purchasable items in the shop – November 30th to December 6th.Nike FC CUP Items Round two

Two Items of the Nike FC Cup


Limited time game mode, Nike FC Showdown – November 30th to December 14th.

Different options for casual play. Features the new Nike FC CUP mode

Get ready for this new 4v4 mode which features a new Nike Ball and modified gameplay that makes the ball curve through the air.


Now that you’ve read through the entire event, it is time to grab some boost and hit the field to enjoy the rest of the Nike FC Cup!


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