Nex Machina, Cryptark, Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court, & More Indie Games


Pictured above: Dungeon Defenders II

If you somehow have spare money to blow after the Steam sale, why not consider trying one of these recent indie releases that may have slipped under your radar?

Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court
Red Hook Studios


The highly anticipated DLC to Darkest Dungeon has finally arrived. This expansion adds new narration and cut scenes focusing on the early days of The Ancestor, all presented in the game's signature grim and macabre aesthetic. A new dungeon has been unlocked in the form of The Courtyard, and its crawling with new monsters and bosses to defeat. You won't have to explore this new dungeon alone, however, as Crimson Court also introduces a new character class and upgrades to improve your hamlet. The new DLC is also on GOG and the Humble Store, while the PS4 and Vita versions will be out at the end of August.

Dungeon Defenders II
Trendy Entertainment
Free to Play


After a lengthy stay in Early Access and a major overhaul, Dungeon Defenders II is complete. While it was originally going to focus on a competitive MOBA-style mode, fan feedback forced Trendy to push the sequel to this beloved tower defense game closer towards the original's direction. Join up to three friends and defend the Eternia Crystals from waves of foul monsters. Gain loot and experience after each battle to upgrade your character and take on even greater challenges. The base game is free to play, with various DLC packs that give you access to more levels, exclusive items, and premium currency to spend on characters and upgrades.

Serious Sam's Bogus Detour


Several years back, Croteam held a contest to find indie developers willing to make quality spin-offs of the Serious Sam franchise. Three devs were chosen, and the first two games, The Random Encounter and Double D, were released ages ago. The third title disappeared, and remained dormant until it suddenly reappeared during the Devolver Digital E3 Conference with a release date. Serious Sam's Bogus Detour is a top-down, multiplayer-focused, twin-stick shooter interpretation of Croteam's classic series. Team up with three friends to tackle the campaign mode, or battle it out in competitive and survival modes that support 12 players. Also on GOG and the Humble Store.

Nex Machina


Nex Machina is the latest arcade shooter by Housemarque, the developer best known for Resogun, which was the only thing worth playing on the PS4 at launch. This twin-stick shooter takes much of its inspiration from arcade classics like Smash TV, and pits the player against waves of robotic foes in destructible, voxel-based environments. Unfortunately, the co-op mode is local only, though the game is full of online challenges and leaderboards to display your gaming prowess to others. You can also find Nex Machina on PS4, GOG, and the Humble Store.

Ticket to Earth
Robot Circus


Ticket to Earth is a unique new take on the match-3 RPG formula. In this strategy RPG, the grid-based boards that you fight on double as the match-3 board. This means that you collect power by moving your character around the map to match gems before unleashing devastating special attacks. This is just the first part of four episodes, but the entire experience is covered by the $15 price tag. Ticket to Earth was originally released on mobile, so you can find a copy there as well.



Finally we come to Cryptark, the newest title by the developers of Apotheon and Capsized. This 2D roguelite places you in the boots of a privateer that accepts contracts to board derelict alien space-hulks in search of valuable artifacts. Just because the ships are abandoned that doesn't mean they are safe, however, as dormant security turrets and drones guard the empty hallways from intruders. As with most roguelites, the starships in Cryptark are all procedurally generated, and the penalties for failure are severe. You can also find Cryptark on the Humble Store and PS4.


That's all for this time. Which of these new games captured your attention?