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Five Great Deals in the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale has begun and before you throw that rock you just picked up, they’re reintroduced a neat addition of a recurring $10 coupon that works on any game over $14.99. This also includes games that are already on sale, there ends up being some fantastic deals for games that may still be trapped exclusively on the platform. Here are some that I can recommend.

The Division 2 – $5

This is an easy pick for $5. I put probably 30 hours or more in the game and had a great time progressing through the main campaign bloodying the streets of Washington D.C. The story isn’t exceptional or anything, but it does a good job keeping you moving forward collecting mountains of loot in the process. You really have to like looter shooters to get the most out of this, but for $5 there’s so much quality content that I can’t imagine passing it up.

Untitled Goose Game – $10

Everyone had a real soft spot for this game, but for $20 it was a little much to justify its limited gameplay. For $10, it seems a lot more appropriate for the couple of hours it takes to finish the first playthrough. I wasn’t quite motivated to do the second set of tasks within the game, but I could see myself going back and getting into it down the road. The charm of this little goose and his somewhat sadistic actions is easy to appreciate throughout the game.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – $12.49

While this doesn’t quite drop to a price that makes it an instant buy, this price does give it a better value than even its already low launch price. This exciting space dogfighting game is bound for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in the near future as well, but I’m 100% certain it won’t be this cheap. It will probably be appealing to fans of games like Wing Commander: Privateer and Freelancer with its open-ended gameplay allowing you to do missions, bounty hunt, haul cargo, or just steal things. However, it does have a decent little story built-in if you don’t want all of your content to be emergent and a great genre-spanning soundtrack to round it out.

World War Z – $5

I can’t say a lot about this since I haven’t played it, but for $5 I’m willing to try it. Most of what has inspired me to drop those five bucks is ACG’s review of the game, which I’ll link below. Sometimes it’s just nice to mow down a horde of zombies, so I figure I’ll see if I can find that here.

Superliminal – $6

Superliminal’s biggest problem was that it was short. Being this heavily discounted makes that much less of a problem. I’ve compared it a lot to the original Portal – both in how short it is and how unique its take on puzzle platforming could grow to a much bigger game. The numerous times it surprised me with crazy uses of the first-person perspective to solve puzzles left me only wanting more. If you’re looking for something different, this is definitely one of the most unique games I’ve played this year… and I played Death Stranding.


Honorable Mention

While What The Golf? isn’t eligible for the $10 discount at 12.99, it is still discounted from $20. I wanted to mention it because I loved the game’s constantly surprising mechanics and sense of humor. It has dozens of levels that make up wacky twists on an already loose interpretation of golf. I had tons of fun playing this, so I just wanted to recommend it as well.


There are some other good pickups out there and this certainly isn’t everything on sale. These are just the games that had great prices if you use the $10 coupon. You get a new one every time you buy a game, so it’s essentially like a perpetual $10 discount on any game on Epic. It does take away the sting of that exclusivity a bit… though that may just be for me. 

Oh, and you can also get Into the Breach free on Epic today, so if get nothing else, get that.

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