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Gameverse | November 19, 2019

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New details on ‘Whore of the Orient,’ for next-gen consoles and PC

August 30, 2012 |

With a delightfully mature title and respected developers Team Bondi (LA Noire) behind it, Whore of the Orient may be one of the first games worth buying a next generation console for. New details have emerged about the game, like its … Read More

After massive cuts, OnLive staggers forward

August 21, 2012 |

Just two years after its inception, OnLive, the cloud gaming service that some saw as the future of video games (and some still do), has hit a brick wall. The company laid off about 200 people last Friday, and has shifted … Read More

OUYA controller and console photos released

July 27, 2012 |

Today the OUYA team has revealed new revealing photos of the controller and console. Not that we should not expect some slight tweaks to the designs, but according to OUYA they “couldn’t hold out any longer.” The controller is … Read More

Grand Theft Auto III arrives on PSN Tuesday, Vice City to follow

July 27, 2012 |

Arguably the most significant video game of all time, Grand Theft Auto III, arrives on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday for the low low price of $10. Earlier this year the ESRB rated both GTA 3 and Vice City for digital distribution … Read More

Xbox Dashboard update beta now available

July 26, 2012 |

If – unlike the cat – you’ve survived your encounters with curiosity, perhaps you’d be interested in registering for the 2012 Xbox Live Update Public Beta. Major Nelson reports if you’re selected as a tester, you’ll get the update on … Read More

Firefly SDCC Panel

July 16, 2012 |

This isn’t anything to do with video games–but honestly, if you play video games you probably love Firefly. And if you love Firefly, you definitely want to take an hour out of your day to watch this glorious panel on … Read More

Ouya game console kicks off strong

July 11, 2012 |

Microsoft, Sony, step aside. The $99 gaming console Ouya has raised over $2 million funding in about 24 hours on Kickstarter, prompting the startup to ask anyone interested what they should do with the money raised. The promised open source … Read More

Meet the Truly Demented Mind of the Pyro

June 27, 2012 | | One Comment

Valve released the last video in their “Meet this Character” video series and the final video blows the series out with a bang. “Meet the Pyro” is both the hilariously fun and scary demented. (Kind of makes you wondering what … Read More

Scrolls or possibly the most boring looking game in the world

June 25, 2012 |

Like everyone pretty much in the world, I love Minecraft, but really what is this follow-up game Mojang? A tactical card battle game? I’ll pass–I’ve watch the trailer twice and honestly I’ve almost fell asleep both times watching it. (Video … Read More

Holy Mark Meer, Batman! Red Sand looks amazing!

May 23, 2012 |

Mark Meer (the voice of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect trilogy of games) stars in a very impressive looking fan film made by the students at The University of Advancing Technology. Personally, I love that the film is a … Read More