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Gameverse | May 18, 2022

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PC Games

Hyper Knights, Regalia, Bounty Train & More Indie Games Reviewed

May 25, 2017 |

Pictured above: Nongünz

I'm back with another batch of recent indie releases that might have slipped under your radar. As always, I'm not endorsing any of these games, just highlighting some titles that look promising. … Read More

Asura, Crawl, Mr. Shifty & More New Indie Releases

April 29, 2017 |

Pictured above: Aaero

I'm back with another batch of indie releases that came out while our site was down. All these games are several weeks old, but most have remained obscure enough that they probably … Read More

Faeria, Loot Rascals, 2Dark, DESYNC & More Indie Games

April 9, 2017 |

Pictured above: Faeria

We’ve been having a lot of problems with IGS following a software update, hence the lengthy hiatus. The website still has a long way to go, but its operable enough for me to play a bit … Read More

Brut@l, Bleed 2, LogicBots, Splasher & more indie games

February 19, 2017 |

Pictured above: Totemori

I’m back with another batch of recent indie releases that may have slipped past your radar. As always, I don’t guarantee that these games are good, just that they stood out amongst Steam’s usual tidal wave … Read More

Windows Drivers for Xbox One controller allow use on PC games

June 5, 2014 |

Microsoft has released new drivers for the Xbox One controller allowing gamers to use it for PC games. The drivers will also be part of a future Windows update, Major Nelson says on his website. The drivers will allow … Read More

New Thief Trailer for PS4 and PS3 released by Square Enix

February 20, 2014 |

Square Enix has released a new Thief trailer for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The long, two-minute and 4-second trailer gives you lots of juicy details about the game, and might we say, it looks pretty darn good! Thief will … Read More

Contrast Review

December 3, 2013 |

Contrast is a game I’ve been looking forward to since I first saw it on Steam Greenlight over a year ago. The intriguing vaudeville-inspired setting, unique platforming that transitions between 2D and 3D, and catchy jazz soundtrack on display … Read More

Kickstarter Highlights

November 11, 2013 |

It’s already been well over a year since Double Fine Adventure first appeared on Kickstarter and arguably paved the way for all the successful video game crowd funding campaigns that followed. The game’s initial Kickstarter success proved that crowd funding … Read More

The Release Valve

October 28, 2013 |

Welcome to the Release Valve, formerly the Greenlight Spotlight. I finally found a better, more creative name for the series at the suggestion of a friend.  Since my last article, Valve has announced two new batches of Greenlit titles, … Read More

Steam OS Focused on Living Room Gameplay and Family Sharing

October 28, 2013 |

Steam, often regarded as the main conduit for the video game industry’s PC-based games, is currently beta testing its up-and-coming new operating system. The Steam OS is being designed based on Linux and meant to run on a PC … Read More