GOG officially supports Windows 8

So, Good Old Games now officially supports Microsoft’s new OS. According to GOG, 431 of their titles are fully compatible with Windows 8. Some of the ones that didn’t work with Windows 7 now do, although they don’t specify which. GOG will continue to expand the number of games compatible with Windows 8.

So that’s good, I guess.

However, most of the actual “master builds” have not been updated, “so you shouldn’t need to redownload the installer or anything”. I’m unclear as to whether this means that the compatibility didn’t require any changes (so the games were compatible already) or that the changes haven’t been pushed out to users yet. Probably the former.

So that’s confusing. But probably good, albeit unremarkable.


* https://www.gog.com/news/announcement_gogcom_now_supports_windows_8_officially