Spintires Gets Steering Wheel Support with Latest Update

Now I am a huge fan of Spintires and simulation games in general, so I was very excited to try out this update. So far the game works well with my Logitech G27 wheel and pedal set, although there was a bit of a learning curve with the setup. The game did a decent job of recognizing, and applying pre-set controls to the G27, but I did have to go in and adjust pedal assignments, as well as sensitivity settings. For anyone who has had a dedicated simulation setup for a while, this is not a big deal. However if you are a new player, or just getting into the peripheral market, this could be a bit confusing and/or frustrating the first time you startup.

Gameplay is very similar to what players would experience with a controller, although the force feedback and steering input from a wheel definitely adds to the immersion factor. Another smaller issue with the peripheral support is the fact that it brings a lack of interior “cockpit” view into sharp focus. While not a deal breaker by any means, the addition of peripheral support does leave me wanting a more simulation friendly camera view. Playing with a third person camera feels fine with a controller (to me anyway), but personally I prefer an interior view when using a wheel and pedal set.

Small issues aside, this is a fantastic update that adds a new level of depth to an already great driving simulator. If you are a fan of off-road driving games, and own a wheel and pedal set, check out Spintires on Steam, it won’t disappoint.