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Gameverse | August 8, 2020

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Indie Games

News, Articles & Reviews about independent video games.

Aviary Attorney Gives New Meaning to Retro Art Style

January 5, 2015 |

If recently Kickstarted game Aviary Attorney can say anything about the state of the games industry, it is that sometimes history can lend a lot more to a project than simple inspiration. For game developers Jeremy Noghani (Designer, programmer, and … Read More

A Look at Necropolis with Art Director Mike McCain

December 19, 2014 |

The fluid nature of the video games industry, especially in the indie sector, can sometimes make titles like Art Director difficult to define. Different studios expect different things even from project to project. Art Director Mike McCain of Harebrained Schemes … Read More

Stoic’s Lead Writer Explains Narrative Decisions of The Banner Saga

December 14, 2014 |

*Warning this interview contains spoilers for The Banner Saga*

Reviewers generally agreed that The Banner Saga, released in January 2014 and developed by Stoic, did an amazing job of bringing a Viking inspired setting, incredible soundtrack and hand-created animation to … Read More

Touchten Games’ CEO Talks Studio Structure & Organization

December 12, 2014 |

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia Touchten Games contended with the unique challenges of game development in that part of the world and have managed to establish a foothold in the market with their simple, yet consistent, game projects. Most recently they … Read More

Eitr Developers Choose Quality Over Speed

November 27, 2014 |

Indie development studios all have different methods of operation. Some set strict deadlines for themselves to push forward and not get caught up on details, others determine whether or not they make a game based on successful funding strategies like … Read More

Studio Almost Human Talks Sales Figures and Humble Origins

November 19, 2014 |

Finnish game studio Almost Human has about as humble of an origin story as you’d imagine for an indie game developer. From their meager beginnings they created what would quickly become a hit among fans of dungeon crawling adventures with … Read More

Völgarr the Viking – Are you up to this Retro Style Challenge?

November 12, 2014 |

For this preview, I am discussing Völgarr the Viking, a game by Crazy Viking Studios. The game was released on Steam for PC in 2013 and has received numerous awards by different rating sites and game sources, including IGM Game … Read More

Former AAA Vets Go Indie To Make The Flame in the Flood

November 3, 2014 |

Back when Ken Levine announced his departure from Irrational Games, to pursue a different creative experience, it came as no surprise that others also wished to focus their efforts in a small studio environment. The Molasses Flood is a new … Read More

Spintires Gets Steering Wheel Support with Latest Update

November 3, 2014 |

Now I am a huge fan of Spintires and simulation games in general, so I was very excited to try out this update. So far the game works well with my Logitech G27 wheel and pedal set, although there was … Read More

Identity and Conspiracy Explored in Ice-Bound

October 30, 2014 |

Living in the quickly growing space between book and video game resides the genre known as interactive fiction. Interactive fiction generally focuses on character interactions and story engagement through text-based commands or devices. Developers Aaron Reed and Jacob Garbe decided … Read More